Tell something COOL you did with your Dad as a kid

Although my dad worked night shift (still does) and sometimes had multiple jobs to make ends meet, I have MANY fond memories that I'll never forget. When I was real young my dad used to take me down to my grandfathers service station and let me watch them wrench on cars and play with tools. We also used to ride his 1976 Kawi Z1b on road trips from Philly to the New Jersey coast to go flounder fishing. More recently when I got out of the service and moved home with my GN that he never saw before, I got him hooked on the TR's with just a few rides. Shortly there after we found one for him. Now we enjoy our annual treks to BG, Noble, and our local track to beat up on the locals! It's great that we have something in common like our cars, I see too many dad/son relationships that have nothing to do with eachother or anything in common other than the obvious stuff. Right now I have 2 young girls. If I'm 1/2 the dad to them that my dad was to me, then they will grow up to be wonderfull women/mothers!
the coolest thing... dad lived on a long straight away(:D )and he used to let me shift the 4 speed in his '67 camaro...he'd wind it up,put in the clutch and tell me "go!!!" and i'd give it everything i had...sometimes it'd actually make it into the next gear:D :cool: ...
coolest thing my dad ever did? hmmmm taking my out as a young boy and doing burnouts. One time he was selling an 86 Gn for a customer and brought it home, i'll never for get the lights on the tach, i thought it was like knight rider. He did a big burnout. Also i think it was cool when he gave me my own set of keys to the 70 GS stage 1 and he fronted me $2,500 so i could buy the 83 Hurst when he told me i didn't need another car.
Everything from nasty burnouts in front of the school w/ his '87 GN, to being picked up from grade school in a Steiger w/ a chisel plow in tow. Tractor pulls, sleeping in the cab of every tractor and combine we owned instead of being in bed for school, shifting while he drove then teaching me to drive a stick in his '95 Z28, driving a SuperCab longbed Powerstroke halfway back to Ohio from South Carolina while he slept (I was 15), working on our TRs together, and teaching me enough responsibility to let me drive everyone of his hotrods.

Add that up with always supporting my drumming career while rekindling his guitar playing and it's no wonder I turned out the way I did!
lived in bowling green from '87 to '94....we went to the GS Nationals every year, i was 5 the first year i went(87)...its been all Buick for me since:D
Almost forgot walking into a dealership, with Pop wearing sweats and a t-shirt, and driving two different GTS Vipers and a Z06 for as long as we wanted. That man has a way with car salesmen! :D