Test and tune, 15 November, Piedmont Drag Way

Ran 6.86 @ 101 last weekend with 1.55 60'. I would really like to get into the 6.7x 's but that will require more than 26# boost. My idc was 75% on that run and I don't want to run out of fuel if I up the boost.
Question for you: My afr is 10.6 but if I raise it to 10.8, would the idc go down?
Your 6.22 run was really great. :)
What injectors are you running ?
Yes the duty cycle will come down but not much. 75% is fine , turn it up, my last run was at 100% on the 72s !!! I just bought a new set of 120 lb injectors so the 72s will be up for sale when I get them swapped.
I was a little above 26 psi ...:)

I have 60# and an Armstrong pump with hot wire. I only have a single nozzle alky kit.
To me, a little above 26# means 28#. :)