Testing Fuel pump


Watson LA
Feb 22, 2008
I was told that there sould be about 100 PSI on the fuel gauge with the FPR adjustment turned all the way in with the engine running. I get about 70psi on mine. does this mean its weak or bad? I have been fighting engine sputter under boost, and this is the next item in line to test. Either way, my new racetronics fuel sending unit with Walbro 255 should deliver tomorrow.
Yes you should be able to pin it at over 100 PSI if not I would say you have a fuel problem.
The way that I like to test is to pinch the rubber portion of the return line,down by the steering box,with needle nose locking pliers. See what kind of pressure that produces. The only test that means anything is viewing a fuel pressure gauge at WOT. If it rises one for one with boost,you don't have a problem.