Texas Art Carr 16930 Converter


May 25, 2001
I bought one of these more than a year ago & have been very hesitant to install it.I've heard all the trash talk about the oringinal & pseudo Art Carr (huge emotions).I just would like to know if someone has experience with this converter (not fighting with the vendor).The unit I bought is a 3000 stall. Thanks Wayne
I had one here ....give ya a hint ....sell it !!! OR send back to the real AC ...:rolleyes:
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Grumpy,what was your specific issue/s with 16930 converter? I was specifically told by Jack that it was ok ( however much that matters).
I ran an Art Carr billet converter from the boys in Tx. In fact prior to purchasing this converter I talked face to face with the ol man himself in the Art Carr booth at PRI. This was not to long after he sold to the Tx boys. At that time he told me the new owners were the best thing since sliced bread.

At any rate, a couple of months after that I ordered a complete tranny and converter. I ran that tranny for two years. I have nothing but postive things to say about that tranny and converter.
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Hey RickWI thanks for the response.I'd like to hear from others as well.Does someone have some performance impressions/data about the 16930 "Pseudo Art Carr" converter?
sorry to jump on your post here but maybe some goo danswers applying to your question wil come out of it?

Does anyone know if Art carr in TX and Torco converters are one and the same?

I've heard they are but could be a myth...?
Iv'e ran the CA Art Carr for years and decided to buy a new one since I had my motor out so I bought the TX Art Carr converter. Both are NL 9 inch. I kept the CA Art Carr as a spare. Using Direct Scan I showed no difference in rpm drop or rpm launch between the converters.
Before I bought one I asked the same question. I couldn't find anyone with any recent(within 2 years) real problems.

I chaulk it up to just another Vendor everyone wants to beat up on.
I had 2 Art Carr converters here from a 9 sec GN .... 1 was from the "old" AC the other from the "new " AC ....one from Texas didnt live !!! I also had a AC converter from way back when an was still alive after 80-90k :D Bashing ???? nope !!!! someone asked an I replied...:eek: ....hmmmm wonder if I am not suppose to mention other tranny shops that dont "vendor" here ???!!:confused:
Pseudo Art Carr Converter

What trans cooler did/do you use with a 9"n/l? Do you use a hardened stator support/deep trans pan? Also I was told from avery knowledgeable source that the "pseudo" A/C 16930 is really a 9.5" Precision n/l.Thanks for the great responses.
I have used Art's cooler's since 1986 ... kinda pricie BUT it works .. all have had the hardend stator ... help ya any ???
I would'nt expect any Art Carr to last in a 9 sec car. That's time to jump into a much better converter made to handle that kind of power or better yet ditch the 200r and go with a 400 like 95% of the guys do. I assume Turbolc2 is talking 11, 10 second cars something with under 700 HP.
Does anyone else have any AC converter stories they can share with the details?
wellll knock on wood but I know lots of low 10 high 9 cars where the converter lived .... BUT ya the big but !!! allways had a spare ready to go :p Art Carr problems???? hellll ya !!!! but he did fix them without the internet :D its a tranny designed for 2-300 hp :eek:
Can you share any details? I'm looking for specific issues with the TX Art Carr vs. the CA Art Carr....
Anyone else?
Originally posted by TrboHead
Can you share any details? I'm looking for specific issues with the TX Art Carr vs. the CA Art Carr....
Anyone else?

I was one of the first tranny's that Art did ... needless to say that was wayyyy back when :D ....stupid stuff was wrong ... 1st was a govener... I knew nothing about tranny's in 86 ....so it went back an Art did take care of me ... was it a PITA ???? yup !!! but hey I was beatin this hell outta it !! went back 2 more times ....again Art took care of it !!!
Now as far as the AC in Texas ...??? I only had a problem with one converter.... the only other stuff I used at the time was shift kits . soooooo dunno what else to tell ya ...
I havent scene a new converter from eithier one for a while .... I ASSume they have both been updated ..
In the last 3 years I have tried both Converters and they both lived consistently 10 second passes.
The 16930 from Texas will be a heavier Converter due to the big Back Plate they use.
The 19930 from The REAL Art has an internal Anti-Ballooning Plate and the Converter is a little lighter.
I am now using from the REAL Art Carr.
I don't usually post much to these kind of threads, but seems as though I can answer from 2 perspectives. AS a vendor or as a user. You decide what one I am. I sell and use the AC convertors from Tx, I have found them to be the best, most importantly, functionally, life span and equally important, Tx AC has always stood behind their product with me, no questions asked!! I ran 9.70'swith my 200r for a year, no prob. I ran faster with my 400 from AC with their convertor for another 2 years before I began to overpower the convertors. I changed over this year to an ATI, only because I didn't want to spend the time testing with a new AC. I was told this convertor would work right now, someone else did the R$D already. As for my shop, AC from Tx is all we use these days, if they didn't I would have a bunch of pissed off customers. I'll just say this, every convertor builder out there has lost a convertor, it's what they do when it happens that I look at. AC has ALWAYS stepped up to the plate for me and my customers.
Just to show how much I like them, the next 10 guys that order one will get a $75.00 discount!! You tell me what you think after that!! Check out Cottons specials forum on my web site for details.. hope that helps,
I have used both. 16930 was a very good convertor. I stepped up to a 19930 from the CA AC and it lunched (although AC never would admit it) they sent me a new one. Seems to be okay at the moment. I am transbraking mine so it is hard on it.
bringing up sort of an old thread, but does anyone know how to tell the difference between 2 used ones? I have one marked "art carr 16930" and another one marked "ac16930". Both sellers told me "California, they think"