TH 400 OR KEEP 200R4 for my 87 TR

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no rice

I have a friend who has a built TH 400 and convertor fora very good price. don't know the stall on the convertor yet.
I'm going t63 and Stage II this winter.
What are the advantage and disadvantage to converting from a 200r to TH400?

I'm new to the T Buick so any help will be appriciated. Thank god I got out of the imports.

advantage: can be easily built to be indestructable (compared to the 2004R)

disadvantages: weight, 3 speed, no locking converter, higher 1st gear requiring a different rear axle (3.73 or better), different driveshaft length, with a t-brake you will wind up with a manual reverse valve body (not fun on the street)

excellent for a race car, NFG for a street car

for a Stage motored car.....prolly a requirement