THANKS - Hartline, PTE, Anderson, RJC, Dusty, H&R, etc, etc


The Vanilla Gowilla
Jun 8, 2001
I always like to give credit where it's due when a project/goal is finished. It's actually been FUN playing with a street car vs an all out race car for a change of pace. I've been playing with my street car project on and off for the last 3 years or so and finally got it to the track at BG this year. I achieved my goal of a LOW 10/HIGH 9 second car that pounds out 750HP and is perfectly streetable. This car can run LOW 10s to HIGH 9s all day long with 60ft times in the 1.38 range on drag radials and then drive across country with the AC on. :biggrin:

I want to thank the following for helping me get it there:

Cal and Holly Hartline of Hartline Performance

Holly for always hooking me up with cool parts like billet wheel turbos, XFI systems, injectors, Aerospace brakes, and the list goes on.............

Cal for the XFI and AMS tuning advice as well as answering all my wiring questions (I like gadgets)

Patrick Rubio of Precision Turbo for the advice and support on the turbo selection

Billy Anderson of Anderson Performance for the stout shortblock with STOCK rotating assembly and the hand ported GN1 heads

Jason at RJC racing for the cool bling-bling pulleys and oil pan

Brian Hoffer for the bulletproof 2004R tranny

Dusty Bradford for the super efficient PTC converter

Mark Savitske at SC&C the G-body chassis guru for the front suspension parts selection and setup advice

Paul Ferry at H&R Parts for the simply awesome rear control arms and sway bar that help this thing hook with DRs better than a lot of race cars can on slicks

Mark Hueffman at TR Custom Parts for all the custom anodized aluminum and engraving bling on the interior

Holeshot Wheels for hooking me up with some of the lightest wheels out there

Jim Craig at Weldon for the fuel system plumbing ideas and advice

Scott Ford at Ford Machine for being my friend and personal machinist on call and fabbing all those weird parts I come up with even when you don't know what the heck they are!

John Evans (jevans) my partner in crime on the suspension setup and fast cars in general - you are a bad influence my friend!

Very Cool Will...It's nice to be able to spread the word about great parts and the people who put it all together for us. It's easy to purchase parts for our cars, it's something else to have all the parts work well together...

Your car is a perfect example of having all the right parts and having a combination that works. Looks as you have all the right pieces to the puzzle in your car...

A nine second car that can be driven anywhere and get there in style...

"Gotta Love It"...:biggrin:
hello people's; That car looks set up perfect for all conditions. Nice.
How about a tore.
Car looks great will and it was good seeing you again this year, wish I could have seen that pass in person but I was just too buisy.

Scot W.