Thanksgiving Contest

Dennis Kirban

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As the title states here is our annual Thanksgiving contest that I just announced today in my weekly Inner Circle.
Most of my contests involves M&Ms which my parents would do with us five kids growing up. It was a competition that gave all of us an equal chance at winning. None of us had to be smarter than another.

Here are the rules:

Contest ends promptly this coming Saturday nite eastern time 6 pm November 19th. Open to all that read this except any that are connected or work for any Turbo related business.

Closest guess under the actual count is the lst place winner or if they hit the exact count. In case of tie earliest email is the winner.

You get one guess and it must be emailed direct to my email please put in title contest guess.

Prizes lst place wins gets a $75 gift certificate to our website parts plus the new flip down stay down license bracket kit a $19.95 value plus our new 4 connector plug and hardware kit valued at $39.95. Plus of course the tray of M&Ms.

Second place gets a$50 gift certificate to our website parts and the new flip down stay down license plate bracket a $19.95 value.

Winners announced next Wednesday in my weekly Inner Circle and I will post here also. Here is the only clue. The tray holds 24 deviled eggs.

I will have Brandon post the photo shortly. Remember this is a tray that holds 24 deviled eggs to give you an idea of the size of the tray.

Good luck one and all. Remember email me direct your single guess
Here are the rules. Open to all that read this except any that are connected or work for any Turbo related business.

But, but... I don't really consider this business. I just do it for a little beer and skydive money. :p

My guess: 1286 and a half eaten one. Plus some crumbs cuz you forgot to clean out the jar from last year.:D
Still waiting on the question, Vanna is there a vowel?

I think they're going to post a picture of M&M's in a deviled egg tray and we have to guess how many M&M's there are. I'm a little confused too. Anyway, thanks for the chance to win more free stuff Dennis!
The below is from Dennis Kirban:

"Special thanks to Brandon for posting the photo. Remember this holds 24 devil eggs. One guess, email to"

kirban update

still time to submit your guess remember one guess emailed to me time expires 6 pm tonite Saturday eastern time...

winners announced next wednesday in inner circle and I will post it here as well.

those that like looking way ahead we will do another M&M contest for Christmas.....

also planning to do one related to GNX 547 going to auction in January......

That GNX should fetch the big money of al the GNX's floating around for I think GM/Buick could possibly be one of the bidders since they lost out obtaining it in 1987/88. Again just a guess on my part.

On a side note our Christmas specials are up and running on our website.....
I agree Dennis about 547 being bought by GM, I also wouldn't be surprised if a big name collector doesn't buy it, like Rick Hendrick.
kirban update

contest is closed we got our 2 winners.....I emailed both of them. Will announce the winners and actual m&m count next Wednesday in my inner circle and also post in this thread on Wednesday nite.

The majority of guesses was under 600 which is on the very low side.

Next contest will be at Christmas time......
Who were the winners? How many were there?

Sorry withThanksgiving I forgot to post the number and the winners.

Actual count 1,940 M&Ms....

lst place with guess of 1,756 was Adam Pejoughy taking 2nd place was Anthony Alessio with guess of 1,552. Most of the guesses were below 1,000.

Both these winners actually took a devil egg holder and figured out how many would occupy one shell and times it by number inthe tray pus added for the center...the winner got his M&M tray prior to Thanksgiving so timing was perfect.

Next contest will be just prior to Christmas.....again will feature M&Ms...