The carnage...

I can't help but wonder what those bearings did to you to deserve that :D
Sorry to hear about it. Maybe I will save up and buy some BFH merchandise to fund the rebuild ;)

If you want to upgrade a bit while you've got the bullet apart, I've got a 4.1 block and crank kicking around. Give you some extra cubes! That crank might be bad enough to not re-use... We'll see what the machinist says though. Let me know if you're interested! BTW, the shifter handle works awesome!
Boy! That is really ugly! How many miles were on that? Was it detonating? I hope everything works out okay for ya man!
I'm pretty sure what killed it was when my oil pickup was plugged with timing teeth, about a year ago. Quite a spell of driving with not much oil flowing. 155,000 miles, BTW.