The "Phoenix" Build Thread

The process of getting the tailpipes cut marked tac-welded for test fit and then fully tig welded and repolished took several days. I installed my PTE Turbo Saver & my ESP Pre-Luber between the dead time of the exhaust install and time spent waiting on a temperature sensor adapter for the Autometer Water Temp gauge.
The Pre-Luber hoses were terrible looking so I picked up some brand new PushLok hose to make the install look nice and clean. I also bead-blasted all the brass to bring back its brilliance.

I installed a filter to keep my engine supplied with filtered oil during the Pre-Lubers operation.

I had to re-do the 'T' off of the block because the sending unit for the oil press gauge and the tap in for the Pre-Luber both needed a NPT tapped hole. I plumbed the Pre-Luber in with quick disconnect fittings.


After the install was done I noticed oil pooling from the PTE oil filter location. One of the hoses gave up the ghost. I replaced them both with PushLok hose that matches the Pre-Luber. This hose has a higher pressure and temperature rating. I liked the look of the black hose better and almost used it on the Pre-Luber but after it failed on the Turbo Saver I'm glad I went with the higher rated blue hose.

I put yellow tie straps around the ends of the hoses to keep the look consistent with the other pushlok hoses.

I'll either scoot these all the way to the ends of the hoses or put a second tie wrap on. I'm leaning on the scoot.
In the dead time during this part of the build I also installed the cruise control. Painted the bracket so it could be nice. The chrome cover came off of the servo and was sent out to a board member that has helped with donations. He had been looking for this part for his car for years as it is no longer made. I'm glad I could help him.

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Sometimes the smallest things can bring a smile to your face. This came today and I was elated.

Yes you do see a plate but it is not the personalized one. That is the one they gave me to use until the personalized one comes in. Pics will be put up of the personalized plate.....but check out that NICE gas cap!!! :D

I have a bunch of pics I have to upload and select of other tasks that have been completed. Stay tuned.
OK so I had a set back. My fuel feed line sprung pin hole leaks along about a one foot section. I removed the line from the connection in the engine compartment all the way back to the fuel filter. I tussled with my options and decided to just get it back going up to stock specs. I thought long and hard about upgrading the entire fuel supply and return line but I'll save that for later. I bent a replacement hard line with 3/8" brake line and put it in there. It is holding fuel pressure like a rock now. It was leaking down at a noticeable rate before but I thought that my fp-regulator was the culprit. Well the true culprits showed them selves when I started smelling fuel and eventually found the leaks. We are all set to make more progress now. :)
OK so I received an order I'd placed with TR Custom parts. Here is a shot of one of the items I received. I had these on Nasty Wendy and absolutely loved them. Again the little things. The other items in that order was a switch plate that sits where the ashtray goes and a dash inlay to accomdate the alky controller. No pics as they aren't in yet.
BMS doorhandle left.JPG
I had to go into the trunk and I was tired of having the dust settling on it. I've been using the California Duster but I decided to put a coat of wax on it to help the dust slide off without potentially leaving any scratches. A little of this dust comes from my bead blaster so I know it is/was abrasive. Big props to Shawn O'Connor and those that helped for this paint job. Look at that shine!!! I can't wait to get this thing out in the sun light and I'll also have to do a night time photoshoot around some neon signs to really show off the immense amount of attention paid to getting the finish right on this car.
decklid flash.JPG

decklid close up.JPG

No flash
decklid no flash.JPG

I'm wrapping up some not so picture worthy work at the moment. Stuff like vacuum lines and check valves. I'll have more updates soon. I still have pics I haven't uploaded of some things that aren't completed yet. Stay tuned.
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So I got one of my lingering projects finished. The hotwiring for my double pumper. I was told by John Spina that I should unplug and disgaurd that big relay that has two plugs in it. I believe it has something to do with a hi/low speed deal for the fan. He said toss it and its tossed. This freed up a perfect place for the relay for the second fuel pump in the double pumper. I installed it there and wired up the fuse to the back of the alternator and wired up the Hobbs switch. Its all there all loomed up and ready to go. I had to neaten up the back of the alternator as it is getting rather busy back there now. The vacuum line to the Hobbs switch also passes right behind the alternator so it was in need of some order.
And the Hobbs switch and 2nd fuel pump relay. I need to come up with a bracket/holder of some sort for the Hobbs switch and some sort of sleeve I could use to cover the connections on the back. I'm open to suggestions....
The fuse holders for both fuel pumps are located near each other at the Cruise Control Servo.

And while I was in this fooling with wiring frame of mind I thought I'd try to get a little lights action.

So I have the bumper lamps working. I'll be continuing on this path until I have all the lights sorted out...well that's the plan anyway. Hopefully I'll get the side marker lights and maybe even headlights tomorrow. My limitations shut my progress down at this point but I'll be back on it tomorrow.

Lights are done. I managed to get all the exterior lights working including the GNS LED tail lights. Cudos to Scot and GNS Performance. He saved my butt by having the instructions on his website. I'd installed the lights in Nasty Wendy many YEARS ago and could not remember where some of the wires went. It was a great help to find everything I needed right on the GNS website. Well here is the results of the last two and half days of work.

Parking lights : check

Low beams : check

High beams : check

On to the back :) I didn't blur out the plate because its a temp until the personalized one get here and then everyone will know what that one says anyway so what is the point?

Digitails for the win. Sexy!


I replaced both the hazard and turn signal flashers for good measure. Everything is working perfectly.
The reverse lamps and licenseplate lamp is working as well. I'm thinking I'll get an LED lamp for the licenseplate to show off that Phoenyx plate when it gets here.
As can be seen in the taillight photos the Phoenix needs a trunk lock cylinder. I have to go to the Buick dealer with the VIN number to get the key code so that I can have a trunk lock cylinder provided that works with the current key. So maybe tomorrow I'll get a chance to get to the Buick dealership and get that done. What I've done in the meanwhile was install an electric trunk pop so that I can get into the trunk WITHOUT using a long screwdriver.



This guy named Prasad called me. He told me that Archie of GN1-Performance offered to provide me with tailpipes. He must have heard about my situation with needing some. Well since I'd already purchased a set of tailpipes I called Archie and kindly thanked him for his generosity and support. I told him not to send me any tailpipes because I'd already tackled that problem and I wasn't accepting any donated parts that I didn't need. We talked for a minute and then Archie offer me something he knew I wanted. What a kind gesture. Thanks Archie. And here it is, an aluminum coolant overflow reservoir. I've always wanted to do something like this to replace the plastic alky kit one.
I'm going to take it back off and paint that mounting arm black to match the radiator cover plate.
I'm going to take it back off and paint that mounting arm black to match the radiator cover plate.
Some 1000 grit sandpaper and Satin Black paint and this will look so much better.

You know what? I think the whole thing would look better black.

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about. That should blend in there like a turd in a hershey bar factory. Lets check that out. Yep pretty freaking close.

Lets see how it looks with some light on the subject.


Mission accomplished.

I received a box of stuff from Shawn O'Connor yesterday. It included some brand new buckets for my lights. I'd sent those up with the burned Nasty Wendy but they didn't make it on to the Phoenix. So last night I revisited the lights and replaced all the buckets with brand new ones. Also included in the box was my old MAF sensor. The MAF sensor I've been starting the car with isn't idling so I only have short run times to do anything without giving it some throttle to keep it running. I popped on my old MAF and it holds idle like a rock. I was able to let it run up to temp to check the functionality of the fans and they are working perfectly. Now I'll have to get to plumbing in my turbo.
Are you needing an up pipe? If so I have an extra if you want it.

Thanks for the offer. I never plumbed in anything because I was waiting for my MAF to get here. I'm currently painting my IC piping black. I have new pipes but I'm testing the look with the old pipes first. I'm probably going to be listing a spare up pipe or two I have here for sale soon. So I do have that need covered. Thanks again though.

Pics of the IC piping coming. The humidity is really high so I may not be able to get a great finish on the paint work. I may have to wait out this humidity.
OK guys we are getting very close. Now to make sure everyone is up to speed with the FINAL plan. I have a Stage 2 engine that Don Cruz is going to get together for me. This current engine is going to be a spare and for me to drive while the Stage 2 is getting done. I have stuff like brand new IC piping and a RJC pulley kit that may not make it on the car before the Stage 2 gets dropped in there. I said all of that so that ya'll could kinda understand that some of the stuff here is just to get the car going and will be properly delt with upon the engine change. I am not going to settle for ugly on the 'meanwhile' stuff though. My 'old' IC piping uses some LONG couplers that I do not like. I sanded and painted all the IC piping and air intake piping to give it some appeal. The air intake piping will SOON be replaced by a Big Mouth Cold Air kit from TR Custom Parts. That will happen when the FAST system goes on. For now I am using this set up to accommodate the stock MAF. I am using old hose clamps that I had around the garage. I am SEARCHING for a source for black oxide or anodized T-bar clamps. Well here are pics of the most recent progress. IC plumbed in and intake piping plumbed in. Check out that black stock MAF cover, yeah it used to be chrome.

I did put the RJC pulley on the tensioner because I'm in hate with the plastic one that was on there.
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My turbo heat shield bolts arrived so I put the bling on. The turbo heat shield and battery cover are by far the most chrome that I plan on having under the hood. Currently I'm thinking I'll give the cold air kit the 'Black' treatment when it goes on. With having the chrome strip just above the cooling fans and the chrome vacuum lines I think this chrome fits in well. Let me know what ya'll think.


Below is the list of Vendors/People who donated parts: (in no particular order) The other complete list of people who donated money is listed at the end of the thread.

Ray aka "1952ray"
Chrome Battery Cover

There it is D. "1952ray" for the win.