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Apr 3, 2003
Ok...Motor is being totally redone. While I am at it, a full engine compartment detail is going down, and since I am in the mood, I might as well go for the gold and upgrade the eletronics. Question is, what and how!?! I am looking to do that whole 87 conversion of computer and such, but what do I need? I am keeping the hot air, no intercooler, just big turbo, big injectors, big ports on the intake, and big exhaust, and a sweet block compliments of HERB! Mods are continuing just like normal, fuel pump on the way, adj regulator, all the guages, some stiffening up of the suspension, locker rear, nitto drags, and what ever I missed in the sig...I just need to do the computer conversion and coil and all. How? What is needed? Any kits readily availible for installation? Prices? Thanks everybody!


p.s.-shooting for low, low 12's, maybe high 11's eventually...
Check out Caspers

Have you done a search? may have some of the items you need. I know they sell items that will allow you to hook up items that the 86/87 crowd already have once you convert the the 86/87 ecm.
Switching to the ECM is as simple as finding an 87 ECM and a compatible chip to your injectors and plugging it in...thats all! Apperently running an 87 MAF is highly recommended but not NECCESSARY. Also a MAT sensor is needed to keep the SES light off but not NECCESSARY. I'd just pick up an 87 ECM, chip, and MAF. I know a guy that sells the ECMs for $40 shipped so let me know if u need one.

I have the 87 Ignition setup on mine. I highly recommend using the caspers adapter too. The prev owner did mine w/ all soldering and its a MESS! Gave me alot of problems too. Caspers stuff aint cheap but this is the one time I would buy his stuff. Read the write up on for the conversion info. Good stuff there. Also remember that its not NECCESSARY to change your ignition over. If it aint broke then dont fix it, its EZ enough to swap later down the road if you need it. My advice would be to put the $$ towards sumthin else until you need it. Lemme know if you ever need any help w/ the bitch either, i went through my engine compartment this year. Think I am gonna go through it again this winter too and do it right(I cut some corners ;) ) G'Luck, Steve

PS: whats the MAGNA status, you in yet?
What about the harness?

Do I have to upgade the harness? Caspers seems to have good product, but value kinda high? Thanks everyone!

No need to touch the harness....if anything you need to run some wires for the MAT sensor and put 2, i think, new "plugs" into the connector for the ECM. And the same if you want the electric fan controlled by the ECM, which is unneccesary... I plan on just hot wiring it to the IGN so its on as long as the car is running and also hooking up a hot wire from the battery w/ a switch incase I ever need it on while the car isn't running(ex. at the track)....later, Steve
For fan control you can buy thermostatic switches that turn your fan on at a certain temp. Works Great! You can even get adjustable ones. Search the net for em or go to Carquest/Napa.