Thermostat housing possible group buy


May 3, 2002
I have been looking around for a new T-stat housing for my N/A build and didn't really find anything nice. I know T/A performance sells one but it is a repro of an original. Looks funny on the engine. I then remembered RobbMc performance made a nice billet unit which was adjustable; it rotates. I called them up and they no longer make them because they didn't sell too well. I asked him about a group buy and he said he needed about 25 to make it worth his while.

So, we have a unique opportunity to get a really sweet, adjustable, billet T-stat housing for a decent price. These will fit all N/A V6 and V8 engines, and should fit on all turbo cars except the intercooled cars. The intercooled cars have a very different design. They would be a satin finish. Looks like they would be in the neighborhood of 100 bucks each. Again this is if we had a pretty good commitment. I would buy 2 so we just need 23 more :biggrin: Is there any interest in these? Maybe a little expensive but on the other hand there are not many alternatives available either. Please let me know and tell everyone else so we can make this happen.
If he could block the bypass at the same time I'd seriosly be interested Eric. That would get that extra hose out of the way finally instead of heating the block up when it's running.
That is 4 with one maybe. Only 20 left to go!

I was going to see if he could make a few with the bypass hose blocked. At worst it would just take an aluminum pipe plug to block it. The bypass hose is not a machined part, it is added. It would be nice if he could just skip the step in the CNC process but it depends on where it is in the program. Might be difficult to make it happen.

Please, if there is any other interest let me know. We are still pretty far from our goal.
Anyone else? There are only 3 people who need one of these? I would say 5 is very short of 25. Maybe I will post in the for sale section for more traffic.
Have you posted this on "the other" site Eric? It might let others see it because some of them aren't over here after all.
Charlie, you mean the one with the "s"? I hadn't even thought about posting it over there. I am not a member and to tell the truth I have never even been on that site. I guess I could though for this worthy cause.

With Bean we now have 6.
Yep, I ment the one with the "S" in it Eric. It's a worthy cause for sure and I hope we can get enough to do this.
Have you posted this on "the other" site Eric? It might let others see it because some of them aren't over here after all.

You should be banned right now Charlie :rolleyes: You do know they only have 9 members :wink:
Still working on this behind the scenes. May be able to make this work but still need to work some details. Hopefully will know something soon.