Thinking about buying a GN...


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Mar 4, 2004
Hey, guys I'm new here, and pretty new to the GN... however, I'm thinking about buying one this spring from a friend. It's an '87 with 34K miles, and is super clean. I know it's been sitting for awhile, gets driven (easy) maybe once a month or less... Don't know if it's been to a track, but at least not in a long time... Dad has it right now, and I have driven it. It was needing a tune up, but still very strong... It has recently received a new headliner, and new tires... I don't know what else has been done to it, but from what I understand a lot of money was sunk into it around the time it was new. The owner decided it was just too much car for him, and parked it. I've never been into drag racing or a car this new, but both sound interesting to me.

For various reasons I have decided to part with both my late sixties Mopars, and want to replace them with a running project... although this GN doesn't appear to be a "project" car. He's been asking $10, but said he'd probably give me or a Dad a better deal. One of my Mopars may end up in a trade too...

So, I'm just curious if you guys think it a wise purchase? I have a few pictures saved on another forum. If I can post them here I will try.
Well, here's the console. Just curious if this is a custom piece or since it has KB and the emblem, was it available from KB like this?

None of the pics are showing up, but the links can be copied and pasted

I've been looking and looking and almost bought one last year, but the day I was buying a plane ticket to buy it, he told me he was gonna sell it to another guy. That really pi$$ed me off and I had the money so I bought an old musclecar instead. I still have the musclecar, but I still haven't quenched my TR thirst. I hope to get one before the summer, but I'll have to sell my Chevelle first.

I've always been curious about them, so I went to the Reynolds, GA meet and saw them run. After seeing Cal Hartline's car run a high 8 and seeing those cars launch, I'm hooked and I don't even have one yet :D

That car you're talking about sounds like a good deal with the low mileage. If you do get it, visit and do some research on tune ups and go fast tricks.
$10K for a 34K mile GN if it is in good shape is a good deal. If he will go lower it is a great deal. The chrome under the hood is worth some $$$ as well. it looks well cared for. As for the first question, the console. That is not factory, that is where the ash tray used to be. If you buy a GN you will be addicted very quickly. These cars are so much fun to drive. I would go for it.
Well, thanks for the replies guys... I kinda thought it sounded like a good deal. I know you can never know what you'll get on ebay, but just going by prices on there this seemed pretty good. I've always been into older cars... But I like the idea of toy that can play on the track, and still get good mileage driving home, looking good the whole way...

turboscott, I realize it isn't factory, but was this something custom made by the previoius owner or a shop, or was this something you could get from Kenne Bell? Either way, would I be correct in assuming the far left race/drive switch is for some kind of dual program chip? Like I said earlier I'm used to working with older cars. However, I would like to learn more about fuel injection and forced induction. This could be my chance, huh? just be careful, right?

Well, not sure why the link doesn't work. I might try to put them on my website tonight (nothing fancy, but it holds pix). Or if you really want to see them, click on Photo Gallery on the left when the error comes up, then click on "View Galleries" and search for "closer9", then the pix are in the gallery at the bottom with the picture of the black Ranger...
I was looking at your pics and I saw the picture of your truck in front of the Malco theatre. I live just about 5 minutes away from there. I have a '89 TTA and '72 455 powered Skylark. It would be great to get together with someone that likes cars. I've owned many TR'S and love to talk/look at them.
Thanks Dean

BTW-what other cars do you have?
nwarky, hmmm... I too live about 5 min's away.

Well, other than my truck have a '67 Belvedere II Convertable (in progress), '69 New Yorker 4dr Sedan (I bought it for the engine tranny, but it turned out to be pretty nice, and had the original paperwork), I've also got Dad's '77 El Camino, been working on it for him (which if I don't get the GN I may try to buy from him)...

Would like to meet some other car guys in the area...
I live off Seminole. Do you know any other car guys around hear? What kind of cars do they have?
Thanks Dean
I live in Fayetteville!! Let's all meet up!! Just got my GN drivable with the new 9x11 and tranny!!
It would be great to get together with all of you. Adrian87, glad to hear you got the GN driving. Have you ever taken it down a track? It would be great to get together. Thanks Dean