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Apr 16, 2009
Has anyone swapped out the factory Turbo Buick bucket seats for a set of third generation F-body power seats? I seen a couple of threads on other websites documenting the installation of 04-06 GTO seats into a G-Body but haven't seen anything regarding a 3rd gen power F-body seat into a G-body.
I was curious see what type of modifications and or fabrication would be required to install a set of power 3rd generation Trans Am seats into my Turbo Buick.
I nabbed a pair of IROC Seats for a Grand Prix I had once upon a time. IIRC, the rails did not match up to the floor mounts on the G-Body, so it won't be a bolt-in. I sold them instead of trying to get them installed.
making some seat track adapters shouldn't be too hard, but if you are gonna do the swap why not get some more comfortable and supportive seats out of a 4th gen F body instead?
I looked at a T-Type last year that had late model Grand Prix seats in it and it looked great
I thought someone had posted the most gm seats were the same where they bolt to the seat track. You should be able to unbolt the fbody seat tracks and bolt on the gbody seat tracks. In fact there ate some posts about seats in the one of the sections possibly the junkyard section

I had 3rd gen seats in my GN when it was a daily driver. The tracks wont bolt up, but the seats will bolt on to the G body tracks.