Those of you who are running Champion accessory brackets...


Boost is good.
Jul 14, 2001
What the heck did you do with the power steering pressure hose? Since the stock pump gets turned on its side with the new bracket setup, now I have to make up a new pressure line. Keep in mind, I got a new stock replacement pump, and they don't come with a new hard line attached to it. Does anyone know the fitting size and type of fitting that goes in the pressure port of the pump? A 22 mm socket fits perfect on it. I was thinking about doing something like a Jegs Push-Loc hose with -6 AN adapter fittings. I would also need to know what the fitting size I would need for the steering gear pressure port (it looks slightly bigger than what is on the pump). Thanks a million if you can help. This is the last thing holding me up!
My bad guys! I must be going cenile:eek: So will the stock hard line work on the pump? If so I need one!!!
the only issue with the PS pump was that I had to use a bit longer hose for the Resivor and ran it under the Steering shaft. The Alternator was sitting right on top of it and looked like it was going to cause a problem later on. Pressure lines fit fine No Issues.
Thanks guys. I don't know what the heck I was looking at before. Maybe because it has been so long since I have seen my car put together like this! LOL Trying to get it ready so I can drive it to Bowling Green here in a couple weeks. I already ordered a new line from NOS4GN. It was $35.