THS 2022 GS Nationals??

There are no rule changes for the up coming GS nationals for the THS class. We will have our drivers meeting with the current RRA (David Day) which we will discuss current and future rule changes with all present racers. Here's a couple of topics we will be debating on; Turbo type & configuration, race seats, suspension & exterior mods, coil over shocks, etc.

Haulz A
Thank you, I have mini tubs and thought that they were allowed as they give no advantage other that allowing the 275 a bit of room. After reading the current rules and if I was reading the current rules, it says no mini tubs. I was hoping that had changed. Thanks
That moves you to TSO..... ;)
Not exclusively, I can run TSM as well. However, I’m going to do some test hits likely on BB normal test and tune night on Tuesday to get a good feel for my best fit. I don’t know how to race yet so I think the performance of the car won’t be limiting factor. Pretty sure it will be my experience that will limit my class entry/s.. 😎