Time to go stage II with A/C!


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Feb 14, 2002
Southington CT
Before I bought the pump, I was having technical discussions with Brent Clow who was a technical director for Aeromotive. Looking at my old e-mail correspondence with him I never directly asked about limited street duty but I was asking about more flow data because I was on the fence with the Holley pumps. Below is a quote from one of my e-mails with regards to voltage and pump output and then speed control.

"I’ve no hard flow data at 18 volts, but the performance increase will be linear with voltage and the 5.0 Brushless pump outperforms the twin TI pumps Holley uses at any voltage. For example, at 13.8 Volts, with both TI pumps on at full speed the combined flow appears to be 240 GPH (or slightly less) at 70 PSI. The Aeromotive 5.0 pump is running 282 GPH at 70-PSI and 13.5 volts. The Holley pair is 85% of the single Aeromotive pump.

Looking at 18.5 volts the Holley goes up to roughly 345 GPH. The percent gain is 30%. Take the Aeromotive flow of 282 and add 30% and you’re at 403 GPH at 70 PSI and 18.5 volts. "
Brent Clow....

I also had questions with regards to speed control.

"The brushless gear pumps are not presently able to be speed controlled. This is something that will likely be developed in the future, but they should be pretty stable without speed control. There’s definitely more flow available from the new 5.0 Gear Pump compared to anything else on the market."
Brent Clow....


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May 24, 2001
Melbourne, FL
I just had a Holley 1800 fail and three temp was never over 80° out. Customer drove it for 6 hours and it started losing pressure. We redid a couple things to keep it cooler and the next day it started falling in 3 hours. We swapped to the Aeromotive brushless. Iit probably wouldn't work on a turbo application since max pressure is 70

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