Timing Issues at higher RPM?


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Sep 18, 2007
Hey guys,

I finally got the car running again and i went to verify timing and i got the base timing correct and then went to verify at 3500rpm.

The problem i found is that the timing mark bounces around at the higher rpm. i have it locked at 30* but it bounces from 28-32* when at 3500 rpm.

What is thae cause of this, is it normal (i don't think it is) and how do i go about fixing it.

Car is running xfi, xim and stock crank and cam sensors.

Thanks in advance,


When i checked the timing i went into operational parameters and clicked the fixed timing test advance and set it to 30*. Now shouldn't that override al the other timing settings?

Secondly when you mentino timing trim, at you talking about the spark offset vs coolant temp and air temp?

timing trim= idle spark, gets shut off when tps is above min tps and rpm is above min idle speed.
inductive delay is 96.

Norbs, i guess timing trim would be irrelavent since it is being reved

Where do i find the min tps and min idle speed?

Slightly confused still. Should the number i see when shining the crank light be dancing around above a nd below 30* when i hold it at 3000rpm? or should bit be perfectly locked in at 30*?

with xim, i believe you should have ipu selected, and the inductive delay should be 40, try that first
Hmmm well i set it to 40 and when at 4000 rpm it still likes to dance around a little bit. I wonder if it the quality of the timing light that may be throwing of the mark or what.

i did move it to 50ms and the 60ms and i didn't see much difference or change,

I would like to say that it's close to 30, but it still moves aroudn a little, and is not locked in like at idle.

Any other recommendations or ideas of what this could be?

Try a non dial back timing light see it it helps......
okay got my hands on a non dial back MSD timing light and it really did help alot,

The CRA is set and now when at 4000rpm it is a little off, It think 1 degree or so.

My next question is does anyone have an idea how many ms is equal to 1 degree?

Adrian, I'm back in Florida now. Give me a call if you still need some assistance.