Tips on painting the header panel


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Oct 16, 2009
Okay, I'm in the process of painting the header panel after repairing the crack left marker lens support mounting holes that was crack many years ago. I have read many threads on the do's and don't, but I want my 87 GN header panel to match the original body paint if that possible, or just add a primer, and then paint it gloss black color and then spray it with a Spray Max 2K Glamour High Gloss Aerosol Clear.
Anyone have some ideas of this process and opinions? Thanks
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okay lets try this concept, spray the header panel with primer, then semi-gloss black paint, and finally a Spray Max 2K Glamour High Gloss Aerosol Clear.
would this sound feasible?
It is best to stick with the same brand of product to minimize the chance of something going wrong. The aerosol clear will not have a hardner in it. This will effect how durable the clear will be.
I'll be using SEM Factory Pack Auto Base coat Paint
#12423 GM WA8555 Black
and then use spraymax 2k glamour high gloss clear aerosol
For now being it's getting cold I'll just stick to fitting the front bumper fillers, sand and prep both bumper fillers for the same paint as the header panel when it gets warmer.
In the meantime, inside the garage I'm going to try to polish the whole car with a polishing kit.
Will post the result in the future.


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I know my last post has been a while, but many things has happen, including the "honey to do list" and now I finally got the Header Panel, and Bumper Fillers painted.

In my last post I did some body fills to some normal road cracks, and scratches.

After block sanding the body fills, I used a 3M Respirator Painting Spraying Face Gas Mask, and apply 3 coats of black sandable primer, waited until the next day to block sanded with wet/dry 800, used tack cloth.

I spray 3 coats of SEM GM Factory Pack Black (WA8555), 12 oz Aerosol 19423, Wait 10 minutes for each coat.

After the last Black Base coat, I then spray 3 coats of USC 2k Glamour Clear Gloss Clear Coat Spray Max Aerosol, and Wait 10 minutes for each coats.

I was worry at first thinking that after spraying the clear coat I would need to compound to smooth out the orange peel, but finalizing all, it looks like I don't have to do nothing but put it all together.


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Here is what it looks like on the car


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Nice job.
Everything came out good, but I'm not happy with both bumpers since I used spray can gloss black paint.
So now for winter project I will be taking down both bumpers, sand and smooth paint and have it ready for spring painting.
I will do the same procedure as I did for the header panel.