To Paint or Not To Paint?

Leave it original or paint the sucker?

  • Leave it alone

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  • Paint it

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Nov 5, 2002
Well, we all know how crappy original GM paint was in 1987 and my car is no exception. The rear spoiler is so bad it actually gets rough to the touch if you swipe your hand across it towards the passenger side. It goes from the typical orange peel to almost sandpaper like.

With that said the whole car is 100% factory, completey mint inside and out with 1,297 original miles and stored in a climate controlled garage. The fact it's such a rare low mileage example I'm not sure if I want to keep it totally original including the poor paint or get a professional, show-quality repaint. I had my 1st GN done and the result was no less than stunning. There's nothing nicer than paint that looks like you're staring into a black mirror.

What do you guys think?
If it's a show car, I would leave it original. I'm always more impressed with all original cars that have a few factory flaws than something completely redone, but that is just me.
It's not a "show car" per-se. I do take it to local events and have had an invite to a concourse show but that's not my bag. I'd like to go to BG this year though.
being such low miles I would kept the paint but maybe have it buffed out by a good body shop or detailer.

A high quality paint job is so much work, I just finished a 84 GN at work(about 200 hours @ 42.00$ hr plus parts and materials) completely dissasembled car striped to metal painted apart (no tape lines) carefully reasembled.

Your right results are stunning and a fun project for a reagal lover like me But a 10 grand?

panel beater and paint applier

PS it was a nice one owner car we started with.