To Paint or Not To Paint?

Leave it original or paint the sucker?

  • Leave it alone

    Votes: 10 66.7%
  • Paint it

    Votes: 5 33.3%

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Well, we all know how crappy original GM paint was in 1987 and my car is no exception. The rear spoiler is so bad it actually gets rough to the touch if you swipe your hand across it towards the passenger side. It goes from the typical orange peel to almost sandpaper.

With that said the whole car is 100% factory, completey mint inside and out with 1,297 original miles and stored in a climate controlled garage. The fact it's such a rare low mileage example I'm not sure if I want to keep it totally original including the poor paint or get a professional, show-quality repaint. I had my 1st GN done and the result was no less than stunning. There's nothing nicer than paint that looks like you're staring into a black mirror.

What do you guys think?
With such low milage I would keep it original paint as long as the paint hasn't degraded over the years. If you decide to paint I would film the car prior to painting to prove there was no body damage.
Good idea about filming the car to prove no damage.

As far as the paint's current condition it hasn't degraded whatsoever. It has a minimal amount of swirl marks but plenty of inconsistant orange peel from GM.

Last year's photos can be seen here:

Thanks for the input!
Good thing I looked at the pics,,leave it ,looks great..
Definitely leave it. I still have the original paint on my low milage car and it looks pretty good for the age. I think it would be worth more with the original paint. So what if you have a few lacquer cracks.
i would leave it man...your ORIGINAL paint looks better than my frickin paint which my car was repainted 5 years ago...of course my car is a daily driver with 100k miles...but still
Heck,leave it alone.Buff it up and be done.
The rear spoiler doesn't surprise me any.
Apparently that plastic "sucks up" paint over time.
If the bothers you,pull it off and get it refinished separately.