Took my Art Carr 9" NL 16930 to have it checked today....


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May 24, 2001
I took it to Pat's in Philly. It has been making a noise like a BB rolling around inside since the last time I went to the track so the motor is out, time to look at the convertor. He cut it open and called me in to have a look! He then showed me a broken fin he pulled out of it:eek: I guess I was kind of lucky because it had smacked some of the others and nicked them up but didn't break any of them off at this point. The fluid inside looked pretty good with very little metal. He (Steve) told me most of the guys bring them in to have a look and the fluid inside looks silver with metal. He has a real nice shop with about 10,000 convertors and makes some nice units for our cars but isn't as well known. If I was in the market for a nice 9" NL or 10" Lock-up I would buy one of his because the guy knows his stuff. He was really impressed with the quality of the 9" Art Carr I have. He knows the history and apparently the old original Art Carr's were made with a Toyota cores and had better leave (stall) characteristics than the newer styles which are made with a GM cores and work better when moving. He commented that the newer on like I got (3/98) is high quality with billet cover and anti-balloon plate. He thinks my trans will probably live since not much metal was in the fluid but who knows. Funny thing is I was at the track a week ago and another GN was making the same noise is mine!:eek: Moral of the story is the AC units are good quality and and when you get a noise like a BB rolling around or clattering, yank it out! Anyone interested in a Pat's NL or Lock-up I have the contact info.
Forgot to mention that he said mine could be repaired with new fins, etc.. for $175 but I stood the chance of the old fins still there meeting the same fate. I opted for a new cover and freshen for $275.

Sure, you could not of done this a couple of months ago!
I sent a converter from white86ttype to the real Art Carr and they told me to buy a new one.... (I will have to find the pic)

Now Mine was probally beyond repair, but I will never know now.
How are Pats prices?
I have been looking at a PTS 9/11, but always open to options.

Mail me.jj's mail
Very similar to Art Carr. His completed unit also looks similar to the AC 9". Convertors is all he does, nothing else period so they know their stuff. He warned me before bringing mine up that I may go home empty handed if it was trashed. I remember the picture of the convertor you are talking of and without a doubt it was unusable! Got to look for the warning signs like lowering of MPH, excess stall and of course the BB noise. Actually I credit Pat (RU) at PTE with telling me exactly what my problem was even before taking it out by just telling him about the BB noise. He told me after running them hard for a few seasons you have to freshen them or wait until a fin goes then pull it because they all will fatigue out and this is the failure mode for the NL's.

U should of post this two months ago. Jones is piss at me now.
I gave him the converter for some parts. He really wishes he had the converter still. O'well he's my best friend so I can deal with him. No wonder I got sorry mph times and there was a sound of
ball bearings the god darn conveter was bad. Now I'm piss.
Do u know if u can get a 12in converter turned to a 3200?
I have a 2500-3000 12in converter that needs alittle more stall.
The most stall Pat's can get out of a loosened D-5 is 3200. If you go NL he has a 10" that he can take to 4000 stall. Let me know if you want the number. 1 year warranty with the units.
I would like Pat's phone # please. Better yet if you have the address aswell. I will be pulling out my new Yank converter which is doing exactly what you mentioned (higher stall and loss of MPH in 1/4) and I would prefer to take it to someone adn see what it looks like when they open it up. It is still under warranty though so maybe it wouldnt be a good idea but at the least I would like to ask Pat some questions.

Most likely you will just toss your warranty out the window and end up buying one of Pat's converters to boot after he sells you on his.
I would like to have some info on this guy too.
If his prices are reasonable, and he's knowledgeable, with a one year warranty...ya can't go wrong.