Torque converter bolts 10 mm, flex plate 7/16"


Have a JW "the wheel" certified flex plate, using a Pro Torque 2800 stahl D-5torque, the flexplate has 7/16 inch holes and the torque uses 10mm bolts ,am I going to have to modify the torque to 7/16 threads or over drill the flex plate and install flange washers. I would think that much clearance in the bolt register would not be good and I would need to do something. Thanks.
...i might have a similar problem i have a jw flexplate and a pat's converter and the stock bolts are not nearly long enough...both holes are pretty much the same size just a lot more space now...not sure if i should talk to jw or pat's any rate if your engine is internally balanced you do not want to touch your flexplate as it is part of that balance...if you have to fit anything do as little as possible on your torque converter....btw anyone know where and what torque converter bolts will work with my set up?
torque converter bolts

My engine has been balanced with the JW flexpalate, went ahead and drilled out the 10mm torque converter threads and taped for 7/16" X 20 thread bolts. ARP has them .680 long and 7/16" for a 400 converter. Summitt carries them, you can get them up to .750 long also.
T/C Bolts


Does anyone make the correct nut & bolt(s) to put this combo together without having to modify a freshly installed set-up?

I must have an early style converter, no threads just a place to insert a nut?
Thanks, Gary