TR Prices


This just in,alky is good
May 25, 2001
Hey, not that I'm thinking of selling my mighty GN or anything, but I kinda like to keep abreast of what the going rates are. When I first bought the car, I was appalled at how little they were going for on EBay. But after a quick browsing just now, I was pretty pleased. There are a few there right now that I checked out. An 87 TType with rust, 105k miles, previously stolen. It's up north of $7k right now. Another one was needing some work (paint job, it had been sitting), bone stock, pushing $7k. In all, it seems like they're getting noticably more money than when I bought mine a couple years ago. It's about time people realized how friggin' awesome these cars are, and they started demanding a little more money. So now, whenever I lament about the fact that I don't drive my baby enough, I can pay the insurance premium and tell myself "It's an investment as well as a toy." ;)
So nobody sell your "A" car, hold onto it!