TR6 Holiday Special, Starting NOW, quantity is limited


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May 24, 2001
This deal is DONE, thanks guys!!!!!!!!


The web page has been adjusted.

Only 4 to sell at this price.

The page takes credit cards or paypal.

Post any questions here.

Happy Holidays!

I really wish I could pull the trigger Bob...maybe in May...Thanks for offering these at the Holiday price !!!

Grabbed the last one yesterday. Excited to get it on the car so I can add one less thing to my worry list. Thanks Bob!
Every one's has shipped, PM me with your email/paypal name or last name and I will give you the tracking number.

I have 2 units in stock at the moment.

The "cyber Monday" special is over, however.

Anyone on the fence about this should jump to the other side now! Workmanship is incredible and the features are simply genius. Just wow!

Thanks again Bob!!
Hi Bob,

Thanks for everything you do for our community. I ordered this system last night for the Turbo TA.