Trade 93 GMC Typhoon for 86/87 Grand National Oregon


Dec 1, 2007
I am looking to trade my 93 GMC Typhoon for either an 86 or 87 Grand National. I am only looking for a Grand National within these two years. No 84/85's or T-types please. The GN must be in at least the same condition if not better than my Typhoon. I can pay any differences in pricing. I have not taken any pictures of my Typhoon yet. I want to see if anyone is seriously interested first. Here are the details of my vehicle:

93 Typhoon with just over 75K original miles. Clear title, Oregon car, with 2 prior owners. Super rare Garnett Red paint. Supposedly only about 10 made in this finish. The truck has been repainted factory color, and looks okay. It is still real shiny, just has a few scratches, and rock chips here and there. I touched up a lot of them, but you can still see them up close. The bottom cladding was repainted also. They actually used a lighter gray than stock grey. It is almost silver looking. The cladding is in excellent condition. There is one scratch about 2-3 inches long on the back near the tailgate. That can be touched up easily. The only other thing wrong with the cladding is the bracket that holds the turn signal broke off. It is a cheap fix(maybe $40). Just havent gotten to it yet. The body is super straight, no dents, big dings or anything. Interior is in excellent condition. No rips or tears in the leather. Rear seat, and passenger seat are near flawless. Driver seat has some minor wear. Carpet is near perfect. Dash looks great. Some faded spots near the bottom. It is just the gray color that is faded. It is NOT worn at all. This is common in these trucks. As far as I know everything works. All factory Stereo system except the front dash speakers. The only thing missing is the spare tire. I never really cared about this. The engine is really clean. I just done a tune full tune up, transmission service, oil change, and flushed out all fluids. As far as I know everything is stock. I never touched this vehicle with anything aftermarket. The crossover tube is cracked, but has been taped up and works perfectly. This is a common problem in these trucks. This truck runs very strong, and is very fast. When I did the full tune up, I had the compression checked and it is perfect. The only real aftermarket stuff this truck has is the Cat/muffler/exhaust. This was done prior to me owning the truck. I dont know what else to say about the truck, other than it is a really solid truck. The reason for the sale/trade is because I already have another SUV, so now I am looking for a Grand National. Shoot me an email if you are seriously interested. I am a serious seller/trader, and have great feedback in other websites. If anyone has any questions about my truck just ask. If you are local, and want to make a deal feel free to contact me. Or if anyone is interested in buying my truck outright let me know. I am in Central Oregon about 1 hour south of Portland. Thanks!!!
For all those that PM'd me. First off thanks for your interest. I am only interested in 86/87 Grand Nationals. Also the vehicle should be in about as good as condition as my truck. I dont have any pictures of my truck yet. I can take any pictures for any real serious trades. thanks again
Take the time and post some pictures. You'll get a lot more interest...
Just my opinion.
Thanks for the tip. I am just trying to find someone who is seriously interested before I go through all the trouble of taking pics of my car and posting them here. I would be glad to do that for serious people.
Send me your phone number, I have a friend that wants to talk to you about your vehicle, he has a 87 GN that is pretty nice, and wants something different to play with.