Trans Brake


May 11, 2002
Does anyone have any info on the Bat Brake ? Who makes it and where to buy ? I don't like the Stage Right type cause of the 1st to 2nd gear activation, but I thought the Bat Brake was more "typical" with a solenoid ? Any info would be appreciated !!

Thanks to everyone for the info ! Any comments concerning either one (Bat Brake or Stage Right) would be appreciated ! What performance gains have you experienced and or parts breakage ?
Thanks again
One thing i can say from expieience is , Which ever transbrake you purchase,Both worked equally well for me, You will be putting in some sort of upgraded forward drum, If $ is an issue, Art Carr make a heat treated drum that runs around 150 or so, If you want to know how well they work get in touch with LV GN, He has been running 10s of a stage right with an art carr drum without breakage for a few years now.

Thanks for the info KLHAMMETT What ET and or MPH gain did you see with a brake ?
Hard to say,as i installed these with a new engine turbo combo at the same time. You will notice with a transbrake that you can run a tighter convertor on the street which i found nicer to drive.NY convertor would stall about 3000 on foot brake but 4000 on t-brake.You will need good suspension and tires to take full advantage though.
I've got an Art Carr 3500 stall 9" non lockup
Hotchkiss upper & lower non adjustable arms w/urethane bushings
Koni SPA1 adjustable F & R shocks
2 air bags
3.73's w/ Auburn Posi
Moser 30 spline axles
28 X 10 M/T slicks