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Ok i have been thinking about getting a new trans cooler to keep my trans cool. Right now i have a fresh built trans with a PTS billet 9X11 converter. Im going to be ordering a deep trans pan from PTS in a few days. I also have a PTS Alum. Radiator. Currently im running just a external cooler straight from the trans to the cooler. here is the one that im running

B&M SuperCooler Oil Coolers: BMM-70268 -

im thinking this is not a good idea. Should I A just run the fluid from the trans to the Radiator then from the Radiator the the external cooler then back to the trans or should i just run a bigger cooler by its self? If i should just run a external cooler by its self can i go to big? If not what do you recomend i get? i was looking at this one which has a fan mounted to it

B&M Hi-Tek SuperCoolers with Fans: BMM-70297 -

or i could go with this one that huge but doesnt have a fan.

Tru-Cool MAX transmission cooler *WITHOUT external thermal bypass *Out Of Stock: Bulkpart transmission parts

the Tru-Cool is huge and cheap and i see alot of 2500-3500 Turbo Diesel trucks running them. Im just wondering what the experts think.
I would like to know also. I am running just an external and just found out it sprung a leak! So I am looking for a new cooler. Any recomendations? Thanks, Bob.
I see you live in Arizona. For that reason I would run one of the smaller coolers mounted offset to one side of the radiator in line with the cooler in the radiator. I just pulled the BMM-70297 off of my sons car because it was causing the motor to over heat in hot weather because it was blocking too much air going through the radiator. He lives in So. California.
trust me my car does not have a cooling problem. im not running a front mount intercooler or the a/c condenser so i could block the whole radiator with a trans cooler and it will still run ice cold. Im also running one of Bruces Alum. Radiators so the car runs much cooler anyways.
If engine cooling is not an issue, then any of the larger coolers would probably work just fine. More of a matter of preference and how much you are willing to spend.
im still lost on what to do. im thinking since i got the extra fluid from the deep pan and i have good radiator i should just plum it into the radiator then into the trans cooler i have and call it good.
When Vince Janice rebuilt my transmission I asked him what he recommended for a good cooler and he said run the lines straight from the transmission to a Hayden 1405. I have it mounted to the front of the radiator and never have a problem with temps.

One of my buddies has one with a fan and he mounted it behind the front air damn below the battery area and his works equally as well.

Hope this helps.