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I had a transmission fail maybe 1000 miles give or take after I purchased my car. The trans had a few hundred miles on it at most from the previous owner. I sent my car to a reputable local trans guy. He builds a lot of race car guys transmissions here in Houston. After several failures, 4 I think. The first from a broken forward clutch shaft, it snapped. The second time he thought it was from my trans brake. The last failure I made it about 10 miles, and had my car towed home. I know he rebuilt the converter 2 times. I would get a few blocks down the road then I think on a 1st to 2nd shift the trans would die. and then no gears.

I purchased a new trans from David Husek and haven't looked back.

Years later (today) I took apart the old trans, now I have a few questions.

One of the Center support bolts is welded. Could the have caused the failure?

I think the check ball that goes in the input shaft was installed on the wrong side of the shaft.
Why? I have no idea.


What would cause this to the intermediate band?

Here is forward clutch tig welded.

I would like to fix this transmission myself any help is appreciated. Could it have been the converter this time that failed? Everything else looks good as far as I can tell all the frictions look new. Nothing burnt.

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That trans needs an intermediate shaft from a quality aftermarket source. It’s about to fail again. The band is wasted. Needs to be addressed

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The welded center support bolt is part of the process of dual-feeding 3rd gear.
Are you supposed to leave out a shaft seal when doing a duel feed correct? What else do I need to know when rebuilding It that's different from normal rebuild?

That trans needs an intermediate shaft from a quality aftermarket source. It’s about to fail again. The band is wasted. Needs to be addressed.

I will replace the intermediate shaft, and the band.

Holy crap, that guy was a hack.

Yes. It was a lot worse than I posted here. A absolute nightmare.

Now what could have caused all this?
I read on dual feed to leave out a shaft seal?
Did he drill out Valve body or something else stupid.
There was obviously a problem before the "HACK" got the Trans. Could the check ball, or the shaft seal being installed wrong cause the Catastrophic failure?

I need to know what to look for so when I get it rebuilt the problems will be fixed.

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if you are doing it yourself you really need a copy of the atsg 2004r manual and a copy of what I would call the bible of the 2004r from ckperformance. These will help with knowing about the dual feed mods your trans has and the clearances the unit needs to be set up with.

I cant see the pix but if the band is scorched what are you using for the servo? Might need a billet aftermarket unit. Also might need a larger boost, rev/boost valves and a 700r4 spring to get the internal pressures up if your pump doesn't have the larger pieces in it.


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Your trans was setup for dual feed on the direct clutch. That's why the bolt hole was plugged (welded). Are you running a LU or NLU converter? The minimum your going to need is a new band and forward clutch drum. Get a billet shaft forward drum from Scott McClay Engineering. These things are very good quality. What does the outer surface of the direct clutch drum look like? If it is burned it will need resurfacing or replacing.


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one of those super secret trans tricks lol
no secret. It has been laid out a number of times on this forum and in print in the ck performance manual. Though I wouldn't recommend it if you aren't installing a billet shaft forward drum. Has a tendency to twist the end of that shaft right off .



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If you were happy with Husek then just give him a call and he will sell you all the parts you need and guide you through it.

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Wow, I got on the desktop so I could see the pix. I would think by the rust on the input shaft and the flaking off of the band material this trans has seen some water. Water is very bad for clutches. I'd be inclined to replace all of the clutches and "scuff" up the steels if they are in good condition. I know, not exactly what a shop would do but I'm cheap and unless you have an unlimited budget to throw money at it with new steels, this is how I would go, your trans , your call.
I would, as above, be installing a new billet shaft forward drum. Those splines look pretty twisted to me and a park and six neutrals ain't no fun.
What servo is in there? if it is the "694" you might get by but I would look into the sonnax or other after market servo for a larger apply area while you have it apart. I know, against my Budget, but sometimes the part are worth the price. and doing things twice is expensive too.

Let us know if you need any more help. Lots of sharp members here.
I have a spare Input shaft with orange telfon rings ready to go new rings sized on it. Pulled it from my spare 85 GN Trans. Put in a billet instead. $50 shipped if in lower 48.

Just bought a decent core of Craigslist and only using the case, OD assy and pump. Drum is shot. If you need anything send PM
Not selling any snap rings as I need them