Translator install with 3"lt1 maf code 34


Jan 8, 2011
Was wondering if anyone can help me out. I installed an lt1 maf/translator I bought from someone on the board today to see if it will clear up some driveability issues and a code 34 comes up after 10 seconds of idling. Clear the code, plug the oe maf, code goes away. Plug translator back in code comes back. Power and grounds are good with less than .005 voltage drop through each of the wires. I noticed that with the translator setup hooked up, the af reading on the scanmaster rises with throttle application, koeo. Where as the old maf reads 04 regardless of throttle position. This tells me that the ecm is not picking up a maf signal and using a substitute value. With the translator lid open, i have the following voltage readings at the solder joints from each of the wires:
Pink: 12.3 (B+)
Blk: .015 (Ground)
Grn: 5.0 (Ref?)
Yellow .8v (maf signal?)
Blk: .010 (Ground)
Pink: 12.2 (B+)
Im beginning to think there are issues with the translator box. The .8v seems to be the maf reading but is somehow not getting back to the ecm. I have the pins out of the connectors and am positive they have good connection. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Forgot to mention switches are set to ON,ON,ON,OFF. Base 3. WOT 0.
Sounds like you know your way around a DVM and have troubleshooting skills.....

I just went outside and did a KOEO test as you did. My AF reading stayed at 3 throughout the throttle application.

3" MAF, basic translator ON,ON.ON.OFF Base 3 WOT 2
do you know that the new MAF is good? Make sure its not plugged in backwards..

I posted to this thread several hours ago, but for some reason my reply has dissapeared !! ??? Anyway, I stated something similar to Bob's reply. The connectors (especially the one from the Translator to the car's harness) are easy to get plugged in backward. Make sure they're correct. Specifically the pink wire from the translator should be on the same side of the plug as the pink/blk wire on the car's harness.

Pink to Pink.
Maf is questionable. Wiring has been triple checked. The seller has shipped me his own personal maf that is on his car and is verified good. Will let you guys know what happens when it arrives. Thanks everyone.
Any updates? I just got a code 34, cleared the memory and it comes back immediately. I also have 3" LT1/translator.
code 34 is caused by NO maf signal. Its a pretty cut-and-dried failure code.

So, its either the MAF, the translator, or the wiring.

What sorts of diagnostic tools do you have available? (voltmeter...)