Transmission Crossmember mount


Jan 5, 2008
All, my crossmember was rotter out, bought another from a board member and the mount to the trans is not in the right spot, it's about 3 inches more to the center. Are there 2 crossmembers out there for Turbo Buicks? Can I get a different mount for the trans to line up with the current crossmember....or have I been had with someone selling a N/A crossmember and it won't work in a turbo car?


some G bodies didn't have the mount offset from center- verify that it's a 200r4 crossmember, because if it isn't the mounting pad will also be about 3" farther forward in addition to not being offset...
That crossmember is from a N/A car. It will work as long as it was for a 200-R4. You just have to get the matching trans mount like one from a Cutlass with a 307 V8.
Thanks kind of figured as much. Since it lines up everywhere but the trans mount going to take it to a machine shop and see if they can just relocate the mount. Thankfully have my old rotted out one so it shouldn't be a problem.