Triple Kill - like taking candy from a baby.


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Oct 14, 2009
Soooo, I pull out on the main road heading to my buddies house when....

I black Mustang comes up next to me and accelerates a bit, so I answer back. Ah, yes, a red light up ahead, and we both catch it. Mind you, I'm busy chatting with my girlfriend on the phone so I don't even look over. The light turns green and the mustang launches ahead of me. I give it 1/4 pedal and catch up to it. They are still full throttle and I'm just pretending to be side-by-side with 'em. At about 45 mph I stab the pedal and break the Nitto tires loose and pull car-lengths instantly. So easy.

Next I turn right onto another major road. Lots of traffic on this one so I just chill for a while. Well, a ricer with a huge wing and fart can is in the right lane cruising along. As I come up next to it I sneeze the turbo at him. Oh yes, a red light and we both catch it. He revs his little POS and the light turns green. I give it about 1/3 pedal and rip both Nittos as I pull away from him. He takes an immediate right turn (not surprisingly) and disappears with his wing between his legs.

I arrive at my buddies house at we shoot the crap for a while and decide to grab a bite to eat. We come up behind a Formula Firebird with loud exhaust and big tires. We are behind him when the light turns green, so we both proceed and he accelerates modestly. We take the left lane and come up beside him. As soon as the guy sees that I'm driving a GN, he smiles and shakes his head like 'no way'. Yet he starts to slow down as if he wants a go at it. So I floor it for a quick 45 - 85 blip, blowing away from his car like he hit the brakes. As we slow down for our left turn we wave at him and he waves back revving his engine in respect. Cool dude.
Lol, disappears with his wing between his legs! Priceless. Good kills

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The part about the ricer for some reason brought an old situation (not GN related) to mind. 2 of us were on our way to a 600 yd High Power rifle match and we had to drive by some migrant type housing out in the country to get to the range. As we drove by, a damn chicken ran out in front of us. We heard a big thump and when we looked behind us, there was just a big cloud of feathers. We got out and checked the car and road and couldn't find a trace of the chicken. I just imagined the ricer disappearing in a cloud of car parts.