TSA winners at BG 2011

BG Oct 2011 TSA Results

Tech inspections for Richard Clark’s TSA runoff were held on Friday afternoon, 21 Oct 2011. Five cars lined up. They were: Red Armstrong, Ohio; Clay Arnold, Indiana; Bill
Thompson, Kentucky; John Tubbs, Wisconsin; and Steve Klug, California. All cars except Steve’s passed tech. Steve’s car had an unauthorized cylinder head stud. Steve and his crew went to work and his vehicle was reinspected Saturday morning before eliminations and passed. Of note: John’s car did not pass tech last year due to
unauthorized zerk fittings on the differential trailing arm bushings and a non VIN matching SPI trunk label. He corrected those issues and passed tech. Well done.

Eliminations began Saturday afternoon, and in the first round Clay Arnold was matched
with Bill Thompson. Clay posted an 11.513 for the win and Bill clocked an 11.517. Talk about close! Red drew a bye and posted an 11.138! That’s only 14 hundredths of a second from being in the 10’s!!! John Tubbs was matched with Steve Klug, with John
posting an 11.341 for the win against Steve’s 11.953.

Round two pitted Red with Clay and Clay posted an 11.339 for the win against Red’s
11.958. John drew a bye and cruised to an 11.330.

Round three and the pressure was on. Clay posted an 11.483 for the win to John’s
11.402. However Clay’s reaction time was .215, to John’s .436. 0.081thousands of a second separated the two cars, but Clay got to the traps first. What a race!

The results: TSA 1st Place: Clay Arnold
2nd Place: John Tubbs
3rd Place: Red Armstrong
4th Place: Bill Thompson

All fans and participants owe a thank you to Richard Clark. Without him, TSA wouldn’t happen. I had a great time being a part of the TSA event. A tip of my hat to Clay, John,
Red, Bill, and Steve for their sportsmanship and desire to be the best. It was a pleasure
to work with you.

John has got to be the comeback guy of the year. Could’t qualify last year and comes back to take second place this year! What a turn around. Bill registered a 124 MPH romp through the traps during a qualifying run, and Bill and Red both got Gold Certificates in the Concours judging event while Steve got a Silver Certificate. Again, well done by all.

The Colonel
I towed Steve's car out from the west coast and we had a blast! Great group of folks as usual at the Nats :)

It was awesome meeting the TSA group!

Terry Ryan

This is an excellent write up of the event! Thank you for your help and guidance.

Thank you Richard Clark, your help and guidane with the Head bolts is very much appreciated. We came to compete and I am very thankful we had the chance!!!
This is the BEST CLASS OF TR RACING !!! Thank you Richard Clark !

I was my first time to BG and my first year owning a Buick Turbo vehicle, this is a GREAT event and even though it is a very long haul, WE WILL BE BACK !!!
A Special Thank You to my long time Friend Terry Ryan for getting my car together in time for the race and the round trip haul to BG !!!

It was great meeting Everyone at BG was especially the TSA Group !!

Hope to see everyone again next year and welcome some more to the TSA Class.