Turbo,ic,injectors etc...


Pleasant peasant
-Turbonetics 66 BB turbo 3 bolt (.63 exh)... ***SOLD
-Mototron #60 hi impedence injectors (6ea. low miles)... ***SOLD
-Stretched SLIC by Action Fabrication...$375***SOLD
-Scanmaster (wires cut short by previous owner)...***SOLD
-Stock ECM (not modified)...$90
-Stock MAF sensor..$40***SOLD
----All prices not including shipping. Only lower 48 states pls.
Are the injectors flow matched? can I get pictures? I will pm you my email address. Put me inline for em.
Bison. I will have to double check on that for you. Will get back to you on that. Im really not sure what compressor cover it has.
If the turbo has the large T 76 compressor cover with 8 bolts ill take it
Sorry it has only 6 bolts. 4" inlet x 2.5" out. Couldn't find a part number on the compressor housing. says "70" on the inside of the outlet. Previous owner purchased it, was told it was a 66bb. I sure hope it is.