Turbo, injectors, chip, etc.


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TA-60 turbo- $250 shipped.
It worked great on my car, but I highly recommend you send it to Limit Engineering for a rebuild. Possible oil contamination from a wasted rod bearing, and it looks like the compressor wheel made a little contact with the housing. Never leaked oil or smoked, and no stripped/broken threads or studs. Great mid 11 sec turbo with only a 2800 stall. Wastegate actuator not included.

MSD 50lb. injectors- $225 shipped.
Worked fine...has approx. 15k miles.

TurboTweak street chip- 50 shipped.
For 50lb injectors, 93 octane. 16-17psi, 20/18 timing. Vesion 5.5.

ARP main stud kit, part # 123-5401- $50.00 shipped.
Although the box is old and beat up, I assure you it's brand new and never used.:biggrin:

Paypal or M/O only. Thanks for looking.
So what injectors are you going with and do you already have a chip for them? PM when you can....... free bump!