Turbo Motion V1 Questions....Help needed!


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May 24, 2001
I am in the middle of my little project involving a spare intake, and I had some questions about the V1 Intake....

Does it use the stock "runners" on the intake?

Did Jay just box off the Center section of it (where the ports are) and then route the air from the turbo into the box (like the 87 intake, and other popular sheet metal intakes?)

If anyone has ANY pictures of what the intake looks like underneith, or the whole process that is done to the stocker(it was on Dave's old site)..please post it or E-mail it to me..it would help me out ALOT!

I know that bottom and the top of the intake need to be removed....Just what should I take out? and where should I weld in new peices of metal so it routes the air correctly?

This is just my opinion...


Jay worked real hard on getting these intakes to flow right and for you to come in asking for pictures of his work so you can copy it is absolute BS. Cut it open and figure it out yourself. Thats what Jay had to do.
Thank you for your opinion.....
(which I didn't ask for, but still "thanks")

Anyone have any info?.......I am looking to tear into this project tommrow!
I think you'll find that being a machinist is not as easy as you think it is...Chris is right...If you want to do it, then do it...Jay went through a lot of trial and error work on his manifolds by machining, flow bench work, trying them out on car's and such...I've talked to him about his manifolds because I am a machinist and believe me, it is not a "get out the Sawzall or Dremel" and expect to run 10's when you're through...You would not believe the time involved in doing something like this...Jay has way more time in the first couple of intakes that he did than he will ever make back by selling all that he has sold so far and in the future...And getting someone else to do the machine work and then when they hand you the bill, you will wish that you would have bought the TM intake...I haven't bought one of his intakes, but I have seen them AND the pictures in progress, and I am telling you right now, for the quality of work that I've seen, I would buy one before I would even attempt one by myself on my own time...There is literally too much involved to get it right by trial and error for one intake...h*ll, I've still got a spare hotair intake that I was planning on hacking up like what you are thinking to do along with my original intake off of my car...

If you want to try it, then do it...or better yet, Call Jay and tell him you want to know how to make an intake like his...Keep it up, and there will be no vendors at all making parts for the hot-air cars...He did it to provide a service to a market that was lacking, not to make one or two to show everyone that it isn't a lost cause to make hot-air parts and then have everyone copy his work...

And to think a couple years ago, when me and Nick and Louie were talking about all the ways to get another intake designed cheaply so that the turbo could still be run in the stock hotair location...people thought we were nuts and maybe I am, but I've got a lot of time and thought in my setup, not to mention all the work involved in my custom setup...After all that I've done with mine, I can honestly say that if I had to do it again, I would just buy the TM V2 intake and be done with it...A lot less hassle and the bugs, for the most part, are already worked out...

That's all I'm gonna say about this...
It seems Louie spent a lot of money having his old hotair intake machined and gutted out, only to proclaim it not worth the time and money...(he may even sell it cheap, who knows!)

I've also read somewhere (forget exactly) that even though the stock intakes are thought of as "extremely flawed", the buick engineers did indeed put SOME thought into it with regards to low RPM response and such--these cars WERE designed to be mostly driven on the street...
Herb it's as simple as this.

Jay has built a product for a car that is near and dear to all of our hearts and do to the treatment of most TR vendors the Hot-Air community feels strong a loyalty to to him for this.

If you were to spend a hell of a lot of of hours developing the worlds best cop deterrent and your families food depended on this info making you money you would not want others to give away your ideas.

All we have as a dedicated Hot Air vendor as far as I'm concerned is Jay of Turbo Motion, lets not put the only one out of business.

If you can build a better mouse-trap than so be it and let me be the 1st to know actual #'s, I love to throw $'s at this car instead of tuning it.

Don't feel flamed by my post.....I own my own business and I know that if someone went on a message board and let everyone know how I made Turbo Six sunglasses (Not a bad idea BTW if anyones interested call Pearle Vision of Ionia;) ) I would think screw this I'll go after the Ford or Supra guys.

Just remember that steping on toes will get you nowhere in the world and if you can build this thing just let everyone know when you are done with the results.

If you don't want to spend as much $ on the intake as it costs spend the same on a Nirtous kit make it work w/out blowing it up, and show us all how you went 2 secs. and 15 mph for X $. I'd love someone to come on this board and show me that!!!

Take it Sleazy,

I looked at the post about 15 teen times, trying to decide what to say. At 1st I wasn't gonna waste my time replying - but I think there are alot of good points to be made here.

1st of all Herb none of us are knockn' you for trying to fabricate your own parts (maybe for driving on blown head gaskets).

But there is a product on the market that is priced very reasonable - that someone (Jay) has put alot of time and effort in to make work right. Jay is a hard working, honest man and for that I give him major props, he has dedicated time, money and his life into Turbomotion .

So heres my opinion - if you can't afford the toy - your shouldn't be playing with it. Spend the money on the intake that has been flowed and pressure tested. Remember not every idiot can weld cheap cast aluminum and make it seal.

Twins - I'll trade turbo work for some of those sunglasses....:D
After getting some pics of the V1, and V2....I thought about it, and said "FORGET IT"

Hot-Airs suck to work on, and I am not about to go put an intake on my car that I may have doubts if it works or not....

Last thing I need is to Lean out a cly and burn a piston!

Anyone want an opened up intake? :D make an offer!
Herb... you're funny!

It is true... I invested $400 into an intake just to gutt it, create a box inside it, welded runners to repair the poor metal which basically flaked apart as it was port matched to the Felpro 1200 intake gasket. The adapter was welded to the intake to eliminate an O-ring and allow it to be coupled with a hose that fit over it and the turbo outlet.

It sits on a work bench.

You'd be better off giving in to Jay's efforts. You will never be able to copy his efforts either - nor will any of us assist you in doing so (if we could). :D


Banned?... probably... I spoke the truth and the truth hurt the feelings of the owner of this board. (If you want my take on it e-mail me) This board would be nothing without the involvement of the original parties that promoted it. Now it is a money maker and nothing more. Do a search past 1 January 2002 and what will you find? "nothing" Suggest you open your eyes.