turbo pressure drop


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Apr 4, 2010

At 4000rpm when the boost reach appr.5 psi the engine drops and the sound of the engine sounds like do do do do. I have install anew turbo and MAF with translator.

Appreciate all help I can get

regards Jan
What do you mean when you say the engine drops? Drops what? Boost? Rpm? I don't have a clear understanding of what you are saying.
ok i have been in contact with a freind and according to him a have a probelm with something regading maf-fuel. The main problem is that the engine turne off at 4000 rn I willtry to scan the errows with the WINADL to find out if there are eny erros codes.
sorry I appruasasite to talkm swedish
From the limited information, try hitting the MAF sensor with a screwdriver, while the engine is running. If it stumbles, that is your problem. Replace it.