Turbo Regal Picture Thread

turbo2nr said:
OK, sorry, back to Buicks. Maybe Jesse will erase these posts?

That is a cool looking little car although my big ass could never even think about getting in it! LOL :eek: This thread was started for the Buicks and I'd appreciate if it was kept on topic, but I (NOT Jesse) will not erase any posts in it... I guess you were refering to XxDarkSidexX's threads that were deleted?? Those were deleted out of this forum because first they contained "Not Work Safe" content, and secondly they were not relevent to this forum at all as last time I checked this forum is mainly for cars/trucks that are turbo'ed or at least a vehicle of some kind... His videos were of women kicking or beating on guys and some karate stuff?? :confused: As I said I would hope most can understand what this forum is intended for...

Back on topic, Nice rides let's keep it going!!! :cool:
Not a full before, but after I'd already done most of the body work.

Here's my poor wretch. Who would like to do the bodywork and paint her for me?


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What kind of pics you want?? I've got lots of pics of my car, but not many of other cars.

New intercooler/intake project.




Let's keep this thread rollin' guys!!!


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my 352k orig mile T

This is a pic after it got totaled. This car went low 12's on the orig 352k mile motor with just a few mods. I sure do miss it.


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My newer T

Here is what took place of the white one, Its undergoing a new top end, ported and polished heads, cam ported intake, the whole 9 yards,


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DCVING said:
This is a pic after it got totaled. This car went low 12's on the orig 352k mile motor with just a few mods. I sure do miss it.

What a shame! :( Low 12's on a motor with that many miles is truly an awesome accomplishment! Oh well, at least you found a very nice replacement :cool:
freshly restore 0 milage. stock block, champ R (lac2), 85lbs inj, FMIC, t72 BB Q-trim. i have spend almost a year and $10,000 + . I love showing my GN. this baby is to good looking to be sitting in the street. One can really become attach to a car, especialy when ever hours of rebuilding is done be it owner.







can you see the blue purel?.. :D Love this....having control of the machine (un-touch performance) ...........PRICELESS.

I am VERY,VERY happy investing $10,000 + into this car..... can`t imagine driving a new car...LOL. or should i say a new CAN.

Almost the end of the month, post up some more pics! :)


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