Turbo swap -what's involved?


May 30, 2003
About to do the ta49 upgrade. Can anyone help with a parts list or any tips? I've read it's wise to replace the oil line and not to run any gaskets. Just hoping to get good info before tackling it.
Any help would be appreciated!
With a TA series it's going to be a straight up swap.

Everything will be the same. Bend he outer ears down just a hair on the header so they're slightly below flush. Smear a thing layer of silicone of both faces and allow it to 'skin over' along with the turbo drain gasket. Start the bolts and bottom them out for a while... Give it a few then lock them down and torque everything to spec.

Bonus point if you let the seals cure overnight before putting a load on them.
I put studs on the turbo for the oil drain instead of trying to line up bolts . Made it go on a lot easier . Use long allen screws .
That was on my last motor , I have a braided line on now for the drain. I believe it is 1/4 20 bolt so use the same in a Allen screw with a 1/4 20 nut. The Allen screw is the stud