Turbo T at yard


Nov 3, 2001
First time i see a 87 Turbo t at a junkyard
gold ,tan interior , floor shift car
looks like another victim of theft. :mad:
friend took some pics
its at santa fe springs ecology.


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found the license plate near by
dont know if its to this car or not .
heres the rpo tag off of it


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I remember a while ago that someone posted about getting there car stollen from Brea Mall. I think it was copper coler. this might be it :confused:
the front bumper had a aluminum renforcement,had a rear defogger window ,interior was gone just a dirty tan carpet left. rear end gone. :(
Hey guys,
I was the one who had a chestnut metallic T stolen from the brea mall. however, my car had black bumpers and the trim is different on the car in the picture. Mine also did not have the rear window defogger option. Thanks to Gary for contacting me, and to all the TB members who have been so supportive. I hope to be back in the saddle with another TB as soon as possible. Anyways, it's not my car maybe someone else on the board can identify it.

Thank you,