Turbonetics te44/te60 Turbos


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Dec 18, 2009
Do any of you run these turbos, if so what do you think of them ? Looking for info based on Reliability, Performance and Warranty issues. I am considering them for my next turbo purchase but know little about them. Thanks, Kyle
FWIW, I have a TE62 on my car. If I had the right combo, Im sure Id love it more. Ive got a 3000 converter and with everything else on my sig, its about 2 seconds in between me mashing the gas pedal and it hitting boost. That may not seem like a lot, but when Mr. I-Hate-Buicks is pulling, 2 seconds is the world. Id just make sure that with a TE44/TE60/TE-whatever has all the right combo mods and you'll be fine for many years with it. :)
te44 and te60 arent very descriptive. Ive seen what were thought to be te60's that had 76 p trim ex wheels. Though they supported more power they were laggy as Homie described. Basically what he has is a 60-1 compressor with a 76p ex wheel. Turbonetics offered at least 3 different turbine wheels that could be run with a 60-1 compressor. Typically if its a large shaft its a 76 p although ive seen small shaft 76p turbonetics product. The large shaft ones use their compressor wheel and the small shaft uses a garrett 60-1 cast wheel. Ive also seen smaller 10 blade turbines that were slightly larger than a Garrett T350 also used. The old stand by stage 3 is also used which is what the old te44 and te60 were originally sold with. If it has any other turbine than a stage 3 you need a good converter or it will spool slow. Fwiw looking at your sig you wont benefit from either since you already have a ta49. Your next step would be cylinder heads and intercooler. Then go with a 60-1 turbo or any of the newer forged milled compressors. Once you do that id bump the spring pressure up a little and re-tune.
I have a turbonetic's te44 from Jack Cottons ceramic bb , it flat out rips, spools as fast or faster than a stocker. I ran a journal bearing 44 and a 6131 journal bearing both percisions with my combo and the turbonetic's 44 is my favorite by far. I run a stock long block, alky with all the supporting mods and a 2800 stall .
Ttt for any updates? Anyone know out of all the versions described above by Bison, wich one Jack Cotton carries?
Ttt for any updates? Anyone know out of all the versions described above by Bison, wich one Jack Cotton carries?
I ended up getting a Turbonetics te60 bb per Cottons suggestion and a PTE SLIC. I don't know how much different, if any, it is from their te44 bb but I am happy with it. All I know is I was running 20-21lbs of boost,with nothing but 93oc, with no knock. I had to add a little over 15.6% more fuel to per 1, since my TT chip was burned for 17-18lbs of boost to get WBO2's down from 12.4 to 11.0-11.2 range, which is a little bit fat. This year I am going to swap out my 42's for some 60's and get closer to 11.4 WBO2 range, since I maxed out these injectors with a duty cycle over 100%. So far my combo seems to be working.
Just get with bison and have him get you a turbo for your combo.. You will get better customer service and better quality...
Is your cam stock Kyle? Wondering if with a combo like yours you could run a tighter 10" converter to optimize the lower power band? With the 3.5" maf, 3"inlet/outlet slic and the ball bearing option turbo I would think you could and still retain quick spool?? As I mentioned in pm im probly going this route only with ported heads and step above stock cam 194/204. Thanks for the feedback...