Turn signal issue on my '87 GN

I bought a '87 GN this past May from a good friend of mine that I have known since '95. He is the original owner and the car (bought it in '87 with like 10 miles on it) has 42,000 miles. While he had it he installed a Carbine security system and a aftermarket digital dash. The car did not run for 8 years until this past June I figured out the security system was not allowing it to start (Actually, a big thanks to a member on this site for helping me identify the problem!!) . Now I am having a issue with the following:

The hazard / flashers work, all of the lights front and back blink along with the indicators on the instrument panel. BUT the radio light flashes in sync with the hazard lights.
Left turn signal does not flash but the light stays on the instrument panel.
Right turn signal does nothing, no light, no flash.
I found this wire not connected, any idea what this goes to? I do have the wiring diagram and I think its for the turn signal but could not find the other end. (purple and blue)

Any and all help is appreciated. I do plan on removing this aftermarket digital dash and putting the original speedometer and gauges back this winter, I am trying to restore this to mostly original condition.
Thanks in advance for the help.



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That looks like the flasher plug. There are 2 flashers. 1 for hazard lights is in the fuse panel and the turn signal one plugs into that plug in the picture. So you found half your problem. Other problem sounds like a missing ground somewhere. Check the grounds on the front marker/turn signal lights.
Ok, I really appreciate it. I did forget to add that he had a set of the LED lights for the tail lights, I traded the lights for a stock set. The LED never worked on the car. I'll go out now and see if I can locate anything.
I have problems with the slow ass blinking, either the hazzards or turn signals.
Any sugestions in where to start checking?
I'm going with the flasher cubes on this. Remember that a lot of the fancy new ones have prongs that are too wide so stick with the $2 special.