TV Cable adjustment after cable bracket removal

Black Box

Out cruisin'.
May 29, 2001
Is it necessary to re-adjust the TV cable when I removed the throttle cable bracket from the doghouse on the intake? I had to do this when I installed my 009's and JJ TB and the trans shifts softer than before, it used to shift nice and firm. I never removed the TV cable from the bracket, just swung it out of the way so I could get at the fuel rails.
Could the shift quality be affected by the new chip for the 009's? The TCC lockup is normal just like it always was, only the shift quality has changed. The TPS is as .44 at idle and 4.59 WOT.

I would say Yes. There is probably slight differences in the spacing between the new TB and plenum that would affect the distance between the bracket and the linkage on the TB. It only takes 2 minutes to adjust the cable if your slow. ;) Might as well do it just to see.