TV cable


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Jul 5, 2001
Okay, the TV in our house has cable and now I got to thinking........ Transmissions use TV cables to control WOT shifting......

TV in the home is TeleVision..........

So, what does "TV" stand for in a transmission's TV cable.......

Sick but inquiring minds with too much idle time:cool:.
Throttle Valve .

Controls Throttle Valve Pressure

It acts against Govenor pressure to increase pressure for torque demand and to raise shift points.

Basically , It is this transmission's lifeline....

Mucho important!!!!

I been playing with the TV cable to see how the car shifts. When its tightened all the way it shifts firm and hard from 1-2 but at higher rpms and when i loosen the cable it shifts ealier but softer and at lower mph. Is that normal? is it better to have it shift at higher mph?