Jun 11, 2004
who sells twin turbo kits? im not looking for power just like the twin kits i have seen. but idk who sells them. are they hard to install? just curious

please call Big Wood Racing. But if dont want the power whats the point? Do you like the look of forward facing headers or 2 turbos.
power is not my main concern with twin turbos. i dont mind power, i mean who doesnt want it right? but im more concerned with reliability, and street manners. i have always heard that twins would have better street manners due to quicker spooling but again i dont really kno all that much about it. it was just somthing on my mind. i almost bought the esp kit afew years ago but just bought another TR instead. was just curious who has them and what modifications have to be made for it.

I hope that you have been reading Bison and Otto's thread on their testing of different turbos. The billet 62's and 67's are doing great in my opinion. I have used both on my street car and both as twins on my race car. I just have to learn how to tune the car once I get it back from the body shop.
I don't think anyone actually sells the kit currently, meaning, you call and pay, they ship out tomorrow.

ESP used to have a complete package kit, now I can't find their website?:confused:

Jay at Big Wood Racing might consider making you a kit with tweaks from their original one, not sure, call em up.