Twisted my driveshaft yoke.


9 Sec Wanna-Be
Today I installed my engine and transmission in my Malibu. Upon putting the driveshaft in I couldn't slide it in the trans all the way to put it in the differential yoke. So, I thought it must be hitting something inside the transmission since I had it freshened also. I got looking in the rear of the trans and didn't see anything close to hitting. I went back and looked up inside the driveshaft yoke with a flashlight and could see the splines twisted where the output shaft stops. :eek: I don't have a trans brake either. Now I need another yoke but obviously I need a better one. What are you guys running that are going 9's with a 200-4R?
there are a few different aftermarket ones out there.

if it were me i'd just get a good spicer one. i worked at a driveline shop and saw a lot of torn up stuff but never a spicer yoke that had any problems.
yeah i like the 1350 spicer. like turbo1dr said never any problems or you could just get a billet slip yoke. there is one that alot of people use on the board i think its a mark williams.
I had the same problem. I ended up special ordering a forged unit from Jegs. The stock GM size u-joint is a 3R (It took me 2 yokes before I figured this out). If I could do it again, I would get a 1350 yoke and get a 1350 to 3R conversion u-joint.
I've used the Mark Williams yoke. It's a beautiful piece. 1350 solid cross, spicer u-joint is the only way to go.