Two pairs of T-Tops


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I have two pairs of used t-tops for sale. They are both in good condition.

Black Tops: Factory GM covers (one cover's stitching is torn on one side, the other has a quarter sized hole), no key, right pane has slight scratching in one spot. That is all I can find wrong with them. $155 shipped.

Maroon Tops: No covers or key. Weatherstripping peeling on right pane. Some fading on the plastic. $150 Shipped.

Ships from Knoxville TN, 37998. I will make a deal for a local pickup.


Can't tell from the pics. Are both plastic? Am looking for the rare stainless
steel tops.
Thanks, DGC
Here are some pictures of the things that are wrong with the black ttops. The glass is in great shape except for a single scratch in the center of the right pane.


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i need them, the black pair. I actually on need the passenger side, if it's possible give me just that one. How can we arrange this. Givde me your phone or email, or call me at 305-469-6353, or email me at, I need them a.s.a.p