Typhoon help

Oscar Silva

New Member
Oct 8, 2012
Ok so yesterday I was raceing yesterday,well everytine I race once I get up to about 60 something in the motor starts to pop and stops accelerating. I do have a bad distributor will that be the reason for it?
Could be a number of things including fuel delivery issues. For more answers from people who know way more than me, join and post up at syty.net if you haven't already.
i had that same problem with mine not to long ago. i put a new msd distributor and new coil. fixed me rite up.
Are you sure your not over boosting? in a stock truck ie stock chip/map sensor if the truck see's more then 14.5 psi the ecm will cut spark in an attempt to save your motor from detonation since the 2 bar map can only read and adjust fueling up to 14.5 psi.

Also with these trucks there always has been the fuel slosh issue.. where as they launch hard enough where the fuel sloshes away from the fuel pump pickup causing a lean issue. You need to keep as close to half a tank in there if your launching the truck hard to prevent this but these trucks are very picky with the ignition components and chew them up quick so if you have a malfunctioning distributor then why even bother running the truck before you spend the hour installing a new better then OEM one from advanced auto?