Typical deck hight?


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Apr 4, 2002
I've got the GN apart for blown head gaskets. A quick check of two of the pistons, found them to be -.036 down in the hole. This just sounds like a lot to me. I'm planing on running RJC (.030 I think) steel shim HGs. Heads will be Champion cnc ported irons. Does this deck hight sound about right?

Thanks Mike
Aren't you asking about piston to deck clearance? Deck height is from crank main to deck. The Buicks do run a lot of piston to deck clearance. It's necessary to get the CR correct with the stock dish pistons. What the norm is? I can't say. I do know it's a lot.
Yes, piston to deck is what I'm trying to say. Is this the norm?