U.S.A. Made Brake Shoes and Wheel Cylinders???


May 5, 2004
Has anyone bought new rear brake shoes and wheel cylinders (stock size) that are made in the U.S.A for our Regals? If so, what brand and where did you get them? I've been to CarQuest, Advanced, and O'Reily Auto Parts and it's all been made in China. I hate putting stuff made in China on my car.

Thanks, Craig
Good luck tring to find brake parts made in the use. Unless it is high dollar aftermarket and even then its probably made over seas. It pisses me off when I get expensive parts and it says china on the box. They need to bring back manufacturing to the Usa. I had a customer bring me dealer parts for a ford and there were 5 parts. They were all made in differant places.There was one harness that had two differant tags . One side was made in china and the other side was made in Mexico. Wtf is that crap.Telling me Caspers couldnt get that bussiness and make a way better part and keep it here. Im done.
There is no guarantee that buying ACDelco will result in a "Made in the USA" part. GM has been outsourcing for a while now pretty common to get a Made in China part that is the same exact one as the aftermarket brand.
Almost every time something is being purchased the first thing asked is what's the price. People don't want to pay American wages. Look at wal-mart. Without overseas product they would be nothing. But they are the biggest retailer. As out companies out sourced their products they squeezed china so hard that china got a rap for poor quality. You can get quality from overseas but it's going to cost you just like anything made here.
I talked to Glen at Highway Stars about brake parts extensively. He is a super nice guy that is more than will to share his knowledge about parts and manufacturing. Since I work in manufacturing, I really try to by U.S. made parts / tools as much as possible. In just a few years, most all brake stuff has gone to China.

It's good to see people make a concerted effort to buy American, and I can appreciate your struggles. I also try, and find that sometimes I do without rather than buy an imported item. I think the same way that you do…. my jobs have always been in American manufacturing, so without items that are made in the usa, I’ll be flipping burgers, that simple.

The last ten years has really eroded our manufacturing base. I was trying to find a USA made spark plug for our motors a few months back and AC Delco, Autolite, Champion and Motorcraft are now all imported… ten years ago they were all domestic.

People really don't care and don't bother asking or looking at the label. I was at Wal Mart a few months back and noticed a lightbulb display with Sylvania (Made in USA) and GE (Mexico) light bulbs. They were identical in every way (60 W 2x life…) including price. However, the only boxes that were missing from the display were the GEs that were on the top display and slightly easier to grab. I bet if you would ask whoever bought those bulbs if they try to buy American products, to a person they’d say ‘yes’. But in reality they don’t want be inconvenienced, not even so much as to bend over to chose the superior American product on the lower shelf, to better support the economy.

It’s a losing battle that’s still worth fighting.
Try finding a pair of shoes made in USA. I looked and finally found a shoe store with only USA shoes. Problem was I didn't want to pay $150 for a pair of dress shoes so I bought Chinese.
On wheel cylinders and calipers the castings will come from overseas and the they will put them together here.The same for front end parts. Center links from moog or auto zone will have same casting numbers but the joints are differant.I talked to a parts supplier years ago and he told me that 37% of the product has to be made here to put made in Usa on it.That includes the package. Aint that some sh!t. The way it should be is like stated above If I buy a part from an american dealer it should be made here. But like bison said the quality is alot better than it used to be overseas so its hit or miss.
You wont find any made here unfortunately. I did my front suspension, brakes, and rear brakes last year with all Delco parts and not one thing was made in the US. Rotors, drums, shows, pads, end links, etc all made in China.