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Dec 5, 2001
My car ('84) ran fine, then started to not take any throttle, then it would barely idle, now it won't even start.

I've unplugged the MAF, no difference. I checked the codes and got a "13". I replaced the oxygen sensor.

It will try to start, and sometimes lights, but only for a 1/2 second.

It had been converted over to the newer coil pack, it has three oblong squares on top. Weird, though, the firing order looks wrong but the car ran before. The #1 on the coil goes to the middle (#3) spark plug. The #3 on the coil goes to the #1 spark plug.

How do I check for a defective coil pack? How do i check for a bad module? Is the module the part underneath the coil pack?

If I can't find the problem can someone help me push it off a cliff?:eek:

Thank you,

Oh yeah, I also tried some starter fluid in the air cleaner intake, it didn't make a difference.:rolleyes:
Did you check to see if it is getting any spark yet, or if its in the fuel so we can look in one area. I hear that some coils dont have the same firing order. Did you check your cam or crank sensor to make sure they did not move on you.Check all the grounds good on the back of the block and on the alt bracket, make sure the coil -module has a good ground to the block.

Iam sure BFH can help yea out more then i can with testing.
I think it's better now. Stuck a new coil in it, and it at least starts and rpm's fine.

Appreciate everyone's help.

must be an oregon thing:).that was the first problem i had too.

glad to hear it's running.we should still put t-link on it and see what's up.

is it bone stock?

WFO- I'm sure I could still use your help. It runs OK, but surges on part throttle and misses under load. It has headers, no cat, KB ram-air, i don't know about the fuel pump or chip. We've only had it for a while, not driven much yet.


By the way, what is "Power Injection"?? My other '84 didn't have it.
Your OTHER other '84 don't have power injection either! GM went ahead and printed up the idiot lights with "power injection" because they had planned on running an alky/water injection system! Not sure if the light was to let the driver know when the system was injecting, or if it was to warn the driver the water/alky container was getting empty! BUT, it never happened anyway, so all these cars got a non-working power-injection idiot light!
Power Injection- I wander if that what this is: When looking around under the hood when I first got it, I found what looked like a water injection system. It's an electric valve or pump mounted under the MAF bracket with a hose coming out of the device into the area in front of the MAF.

The pump or valve is wired up, looked like factory wiring, but there is no incoming source for any liquid. Or if their was it has been removed.